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      Hi! I’m Catherine, 32, and I’ve been playing computer games for almost as long as I can remember. I started off with the AppleIIe machines in the school computer lab (and Cross Country Canada was probably the first game I can ever remember playing). My parents got a PC (386) when I was about 8 or so and that was my introduction to Kings Quest (1-6 – still haven’t played the last 2, I’m afraid), Police Quest, and probably my all time favourite Sierra title – Robin Hood, Conquests of the Longbow (altho KQ4 with Rosella as the lead definitely made an impression on me! I was so happy to have a girl character for a change).

      I’m still happily gaming away – I play WoW casually (I spent the last 2 expansion packs raiding heavily – that’s how I met my now-fiance – and I’m enjoying taking a break. I log in occasionally, do the odd dungeon, chat with my friends and then log off) and I’m currently VERY immmersed in Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. Oh and I boot up Sims 2 occasionally (been playing *that* franchise since the first one came out, there are gameplay/graphical aspects to Sims 3 that make it unplayable for me). I also knit, rubber stamp, scrapbook, make soap, weave, spin, and occasionally am involved in my local SCA.

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      Welcome to the forums! 🙂 It’s usually a wee bit quiet in these parts! I help co-admin another Sierra related forum over at: (check out the site itself for getting classic Sierra games to run on modern machines!) Collector is the main man behind the entire site. I am just his forum minion. 🙂

      I did WoW myself, since launch and quit off and on, finally quitting after Lich King. (Got a character to level 80, and was leveling another and realized how repetitive it was getting since I was running the second character, through the same quests… got boring very quickly!) I originally was into EverQuest (the first one) for many years, when it first came out. And now dabble with Lord of the Rings Online (which is Free To Play) – because it reminds me of EverQuest. The lands are HUGE. Lots and lots and lots of exploring, unlike WoW. (Not that I am dissing WoW – WoW designed an MMO by taking everything that was good about most MMOs and incorporating it into their own! And they took out all the difficult things on players that many other MMO’s had, making down time very low when you play WoW).

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      Welcome Catherine!,
      It is always nice to read the intros. 🙂  Just wanted to chime in and mention that there are some great adventure games out there if you are ever interested in dabbling in the genre again.  Gabriel Knight (trilogy), Broken Sword, The Longest Journey, Syberia, and Still Life to name a few.

      DTP recently released Gray Matter, a game written by one of Sierra’s greats – Jane Jensen.

      Check ’em out if you ever have the chance!

      Tawmis?  I didn’t know you lurked these forums.  Nice to see you around! 😀

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      Aye! Is there a forum out there that I am not on? I am not even a real person. But a program that’s gained sentience and now posts everywhere! 🙂

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