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      What do you think about Vivendi forcing the team to stop production on the fanbased game, KQIX? They have disappointed thousands of fans by doing this. Do you think Vivendi is planning to make a KQIX on their own? If so, has Roberta been contacted, or do you think she will be?

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      What do you think about Vivendi forcing the team to stop production on the fanbased game, KQIX? They have disappointed thousands of fans by doing this. Do you think Vivendi is planning to make a KQIX on their own? If so, has Roberta been contacted, or do you think she will be?

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      Wow! Interesting news.

      I’m somewhat surprised, in that I didn’t think anyone even existed at Sierra anymore, and that the franchise was dead. Hopefully someone there is saying to themselves “perhaps we should have called AL Lowe before doing a Larry game” and will call Roberta.

      But, I’ve sat by the phone all day, and it hasn’t rang yet.

      -Ken W

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      If you were currently the CEO of VU, would this move make sense to you? What motivations would a corporation have to stop the production of a fan game, especially one this close to completion that was this beloved by the gaming community? I guess I’m trying to understand their side of it. Any ideas?

      -Cory Weber

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      Well, all they do is protect their property after all. As they have every right to do so Phoenix gotta live with it. And they do. But there’s one thing which bothers me quite a bit. It’s the time… why did Vivendi tell them to cancel the project after more than two years? Why not do it as soon as you hear from it? (And surely someone must have told the big ones and Vivendi that there’s that fan project!) That’s pretty sad… they dedicated several years of the lifes to that game and suddenly there’s “big whoop” and practically tries to wipe their harddrives.

      Well, well… it all would have been too good 🙂 Hope they continue and do something else.

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      KQIX looked great. I’m sorry to hear the bad news :{ Why not ask/plead if Roberta can come up with a new game idea that no one has ownership of that could be made into a game? 🙂 Do I have to get rid of my sierra logo?

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      I know this board has been a little sparse, but if anyone works their way over to the vivendi forums:  they can see how many people are really upset by this move. I am not an expert in the video game industry, but, if I had to imagine, and if BOTH Phoenix online and the fans bug Vivendi enough, something will be made out in the near future. I THINK, or I imagine, that Vivendi has some motivation behind doing this move, they may be planning something concerning the King’s Quest franchise. What do you all think? I know there is probably a bit of bitterness in all of us, but besides that, do you all think Vivendi has any motivation behind cancelling this after, what, three, four years of Phoenix’s announcement of this unofficial sequel?

      Hmm, I just can’t seem to think that vivendi would do this “just because” – and it’s fairly obvious that many people are quite angry about Vivendi’s decision…I respect vivendi (to an extent) but their motivation still lingers in my mind…

      So, what do you all think? Do they have any motivation behind this?

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      If you read the Phoenix Online thread, “Erpy” (who is from AGDI) has posted some very valid points. Vivendi likely has no intention of doing anything KQ-related, but they do have to protect their copyright if they ever want to in the future. Not that they’re likely to, but they have to protect that copyright. They wouldn’t waste their time with KQ9 when it first started – why bother, as many fan games don’t make it as far as KQ9 has. Now that KQ9 released a trailer, VU sees that they’re serious and sends them a C&D. The quality of KQ9 appears so good that if VU had any sense, they would officially license it. Project Director Cesar recently posted that “we are trying to negotiate with Vivendi” and we can only wish them the very best in that.

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      It wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all if VU released the game commercially. It looks good enough where I’d buy it..

      I posted my feelings by sending an e-mail to the address listed in the forum link above. Hopefully there will be a few good messages that get read through that address instead of all the VU bashing that was going on in that forum thread before the moderators closed it.

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      ‘So, what do you all think? Do they have any motivation behind this?’

      VU will soon be rereleasing many of the Quest collections (Police Quest, Kings quest, Space quest, etc…) with XP compatability, beyond that nobody know of any other motivation they might have as far as thier own profits are concerned. Like others have said, KQIX’s recent release of their trailer may have triggered the C&D. Rest assured this was not random by any means, this was done at a time that VU felt it necessary for whatever reason

      Very dissapointed in Vivendi, I and many, many others plan to boycott them until they change their position on this.

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      The trailer the KQ9 team released is probably what gave Vivendi the
      ammo they needed to fire off the C&D.  It really is
      unfortunate since it’s my understanding that the game was only weeks
      away from being completed.  IMHO, this certainly serves as a
      warning to fan game developers to stay under radar and not draw too
      much attention to your project until the game is completed and
      released.  At least that way, in the event of a C&D, the cat
      will already be out of the bag.  As it stands right now the KQ9
      team is faced with either scrapping all the work they’ve done over who
      knows how many years, or removing any reference to Vivendi’s copyrights
      and then releasing it.   All they’d really have to do is
      change the names and likenesses and they should be in OK
      territory.  The important thing to remember about the KQ9 project
      is that the story and graphics are all original.  KQ fans would
      certainly be able to see through character name changes.

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      My two buckazoids:

      Is VU in their rights to force KQ9’s demise? Yes. Is it wise? No.

      Boeing is pursuing something very similar in the model kit industry. They argue that a model kit of a 747 is a violation of their intellectual property rights because the manufacturers do not pay royalties. This is an accurate claim.

      But what is not generally known is that if model makers were forced to pay license fees, most would fold. No one would buy their kits. Hence, less $ for Boeing.

      Thirty years ago, a kit of an F-18 was considered free advertising. Indeed, in the past, wiser souls have allowed ‘free loaders’ on the grounds that in the end, the original copyright holder reaps teh most benefit. And usually, they do.

      I doubt VU’s action was malicious. They are re-releasing KQ, and that probably had something to do with it. It’s like when Paramount issues dozens of C&Ds right before releasing a new STAR TREK film; it’s to curb the illegal (and sometimes, fan-based) reproductions of ST ships and the like.

      Unfortunately, the usual result of this corporate action is to make people upset. Pheonix was making NO money on this project. I was really looking forward to KQ9. All VU has done is to disappoint me. I will not buy their new compilations. Why would I want to? I can find the games on E-bay. I’d rather have the original editions and therefore something more valuable than VU’s half-hearted appeal to my nostalgia.

      As for VU taking the KQ9 project under its wing, I doubt that will ever happen. And if it did, I doubt KQ9 would be the game it was meant to be.

      Judging from the other boards I’ve read, I’m not the only one to feel burned. This will cost them other customers. And in the end, the profit they sought so hard to protect.

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      Hey everyone,

      I wanted to let everyone know that myself and many

      other King’s Quest fans have joined together and started an organization to try to save KQIX.

      Our website address is:

      We feel very strongly that our best bet to save the

      is through a letter writing campaign.  If you care about KQIX and want
      to see it released, I strongly urge you to take 10 minutes and write a
      letter to Vivendi Universal Games.  Let them know how much you were
      looking forward to the game.

      I know some of you may have already
      sent emails.  That’s great, but we still need you to send a physical
      letter via the good ol’ postal service.  A physical letter will have so
      much more of an impact than an email.  The emails are probably never
      seen by anyone except a couple of low level people who’s job it is to
      check those email

      accounts.  It’s easy to dismiss thousands of
      emails.  But it’s hard to ignore thousands of actual letters. Physical
      letters will have  more of a visual impact.  Think of how those Vivendi
      executives will feel when the see those stack and stacks of letters!

      know some of you may have also signed the petition that has been
      circulating.  We think the petition IS a great idea, but really believe
      that a personally written letter from each one of you, rather than the

      petition, will be EVEN more effective.  In fact, the person that
      created the petition is a major part of our organization.  Oh, and
      don’t worry; if you’ve already signed the petition, it WILL be sent to

      Vivendi. However, we ask that you still write a letter to them.

      Visit our webpage for the mailing address to VU Games.  Stop by the

      and say hello.  Let’s make it known that there are a lot of adventure
      game fans out here that want to see the game released.  We need EACH
      AND EVERY ONE OF YOU in order to be successful.

      Please, take 10 minutes out of your day to write that letter.  It’s the

      best chance we have to save KQIX!

      Take care,


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      Hey guys, another update. We’ve had several people mention that they
      are unable to find the time to write letters to Vivendi. The SaveKQIX
      team has come up with a way to help each of you out. By going to, and clicking on ‘how you can help,’ there is a link
      that will directly take you to your email, as well as coming up with
      the text into the body of the email. In other words, it will take all
      of 10 seconds for you to send this.

      Thanks for all your participation!

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      I just want to say Thank You to all the fans of KQIX who supported the
      team. The news is official. Vivendi is going to allow the game to
      continue in development! This is a wonderful victory for the KQIX team
      and the fans. More information can be found at Also, if
      you contactedVivendi to ask them to continue development of the game,
      please contact them and thank them. You can reach them at



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      This is amazing news! I think Cat and everyone else at deserve a huge thank you, for organizing the petition!

      This is a wonderful day!

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      while it’s cool that they are allowing a fan developed game to be made, i think it’s also a bad sign showing that they have no plans to ever make an official kings quest sequel. i think maybe they decided once and for all that there will be no more releases from the old quests. if they did have plans, they would definetly not want a fan game made, especially one of the quality shown in the kq9 trailer. that would be bad for business.

      also, has anyone noticed that the collection re-releases have been pushed back until march 30? i think they are just vaporware like the over-a-decade-in-development duke nukem forever.

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      This news is wonderful in that they’re allowing us (by which I mean fans) to continue to tell these stories in the way that I think we all wish we could tell them.  In their origional format, games.  I can’t wait for this game to come out. 

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