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      I’m 25, which is smack dab in the age bracket of kids who grew up on Sierra games, and are now old enough to start professions of their own. I think the dark ages are passing– we went to college and then had to get jobs, so we didn’t have time for adventure games. But now nostalgia is setting in, and we miss them. From the tone of what I’ve been reading recently, there will soon be an adventure games renaissance, and I hope that you and Roberta will once again help lead the frontlines. Sounds like this new game development team is a step in that direction.

      Your games inspired me to learn programming and create some of my own adventure games in jr/sr high school. Then around 1995 I abandoned my idea of someday working for Sierra as I became interested in filmmaking… Currently I’m a screenwriter/director working toward a career in films. I’ve always been interested in basing a movie on some of your series, because they’re so rich with good ideas (my favorites being Space, King’s then QFG). Maybe someday…

      But I wanted to thank you and your team– probably if someone hypnotized me they’d discover that a whole wealth of creative ideas and ambitions were fostered in my brain just from playing your games. That’s no small thing.


      Andrew Wahlquist

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      (re: Can’t leave without saying “thanks”)

      Sierra games were my inspiration for learning programming too. King’s Quest, Space Quest, and the rest spawned a whole generation of programmers who now have a career in computers.

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