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      CaesarIA is open source remake of Caesar III(c).

      In game you can create, development and manage city in Ancient Rome.
      Player receives for management empty earth on which it will build roman
      city according of emperor tasks, who is called Caesar. Egyptians or
      carfagens which want to steal your goods and kill your citizens! The
      good lock with high walls will help to cope with any invasions.


      + loading maps from original Caesar III.

      + save\load game state

      + create\destroy buildings and construction

      + constructions influence on desirability around

      + migration(in/out) of citizens

      + warehouses and granaries for storage of goods and products

      + damages\fires of buildings

      + entertainment constructions (theaters, collisions and B’day)

      + imperial trade network with the computer-cities

      + fishing, agriculture, extraction

      + Information layers for city states

      + prefects, engineers, trainee, soldiers and other

      + advisers

      + employments simulation

      + houses grow depending conditions around

      + health care and water supply

      + military buildings and war action

      Current state

      + Now it is possible to download the game alpha version.

      Plans for the future

      – realistic financial system (salaries, purchase of goods, job search)

      – specification of citizens, preservation of parameters of thoughts and formation of requirements

      – bog or seamlessness maps

      – terrain editing

      – computer players (cities) and simulation of a distribution network

      – network (web/local)

      With your support i’ll create remake of great game and add new opportunities.

      Bitbucket page and bugtracker[]

      Any used names, symbols or other copyrighted material is the property of the respective owners.

      We do not take any responsibility if this mod harms your software or hardware.

      We assume that you (end user/player) own a licensed copy of the
      Caesar III(c), otherwise you should buy the game before using this mod.
      Failing to do so will be breaching the license agreement.

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