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      Hello everyone, my name is C_Guy but you can call me Scott ūüėõ

      I’ve been a hardcore fan of Sierra ever since my parents brought home our very first computer – a Tandy 1000SL.¬† It was loaded with 640k RAM, a 20,000 byte hard drive, 3-voice sound synthesizer, 5.25 and 3.5″ floppy drives, joystick and dot-matrix printer, and color monitor.¬† A bargain at $3,000.¬† Although it was primarily for work and school assignments we also had a copy of Space Quest 1.

      Being only 6, I was too young to play it but we spent many late nights huddled around that 16-color monitor watching my parents try everything they could to survive the harsh climate on Kerona.¬† Our software library grew rapidly to include King’s Quest games, Silpheed, Thexder, Black Cauldron, Mixed-Up Mother Goose, and Leisure Suit Larry which my parents insisted on playing without kids in the room for some reason?

      I didn’t start really collecting Sierra games until I left home and now have bought most Sierra adventure games several times over, helping eBay sellers rake in a fortune.¬† I owe many thanks to Tom Lewandowski of Quest Studios¬†for providing the soundtracks to my favorite games.¬† I have listened to them thousands of times over in the car, at work, and especially while studying all throughout high school and University.¬† I also thank Andy of SierraVault (and the new web admin for Sierra Gamers) for his¬†countless hours of work collecting and digitizing many of Sierra’s treasures that I otherwise would never have found.

      It was always a dream for me to earn a degree in Computer Science and then join Ken and Roberta’s team at Sierra.¬† I ended up with a degree in Marketing but still hold on to the dream of one day meeting the genius team that pioneered the whole concept of interactive fiction.

      My favorite series from Sierra are Gabriel Knight and Laura Bow.

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      Welcome Scott.  Your work in helping put together some of SierraVault was excellent.

      For everyone else – Scott is the expert of the Impressions strategy line.  If he asks if you want to play a game of Thermonuclear War the answer is no.  The only winning move is not to play.


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