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      Hi, everybody!

      It’s possible that not everybody got the original message, so I’ll repeat it here.

      For now, until the bulletin board messages are transferred over to the new
      system, don’t post on the new bulletin board.  Post here on the old system
      instead.  Your messages will get transferred over, so have no fear about
      that. 🙂  I will inform you when it is okay to post on the new site.  And please,
      please, please do not post ‘me first’ type messages to the board.  Most
      admins I’ve met in my life, and I’ve met lots, find messages like that very
      annoying.  So, please don’t post messages like that.  Even if you go on to
      write a full post outside of it, don’t mention it.  I will delete posts like that.
      It’s not that they’re bad, per se, they just have the potential of creating
      dueling posters trying to one-up one another.  The boards are supposed
      to be for discussion, not oneupmanship or bragging rights.  I want to
      keep things nice, civil, and friendly here.  Besides, none of the forums are
      appropriate for a message like that to begin with.

      I hope you all don’t mind about this, but I just want to do what I can to
      make sure things don’t get wildly off topic.  Aside from a few messages,
      most of the messages on this old bulletin board have remained
      appropriately on-topic for the forum they were posted under.  There have
      been very few instances of, say, a question about SQ4 being asked in
      the website discussion forum, or of a new FPS (i.e.- Halo 3) being discussed
      in the Sierra Games forum.  You all have made bulletin board
      maintenance on this site a pleasure. 🙂  Thank you!

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