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      Was there any planning on how large the Sierra Game box should be?  At one point video game companies were trying to have the biggest shelf presence.  Now all of the games have the same box size. 

      What happened to all of the cartridge games when the market dropped?

      Has anyone put together a yearbook of Sierra Staff and the Sierra culture for a lack of a better word?  What happened to the hundreds/thousands of employees at Sierra and Dynamix.  I have heard that one Sierra employee went to work for Microsoft.  I didn’t get a name.  The list on Heart of China is very long.  A large number of names appear to be related to each other.

      Why haven’t we heard much about the TSL.  Has the development slowed down? 

      Do the new releases from Vivendi computer games work with DOSBOX OK?

      I’m sorry for the simple questions but security settings on my work computers has ended all access to this web site and I haven’t been around much.  OK stop clapping! : )


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      Hey MxCoder, I’ll try to answer a couple of your questions…

      There isn’t a “yearbook” of Sierra staff perse, but for our archival projects, we are in touch with a number of former Sierra staff. I don’t like to mention our archive work because it appears from the outside world that nothing is happening. But stuff IS happening, and it’s very exciting. One day we will have lovely, lovely suprises for everyone. We are always looking to be in touch with more Sierra staff so if you’re out there and reading this, drop a line! In the meantime… well, I won’t promise anything until I actually have a spare moment to sit down and maybe put a few things together for you all.

      I suspect, and I can’t remember who initially pointed this out – it may have been someone over at AGDI – that TSL may be having the same situation that AGDI is having with QFG2VGA. Which is, you can get a very stable product together and it can be great, but you still have to go through a very extensive bug-testing and fixing stage before that product is ready to be released to the actual public. TSL originally had release dates and such, but they’ve probably found themselves unable to keep to those dates since they obviously do want to put out as professional a product as possible, and that may still require a lot of work even once the product reaches playable stage. Perhaps someone from TSL who frequents here would comment?

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