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      It’s amazing how WoW has allowed Blizzard to grow. In 2004, right before the release of WoW, they were in the same boat as Sierra was. They had only 250 employees, mostly in R&D. After WoW, Vivendi began stocking Blizzard with hundreds of employees for WoW. Blizzard employees over 1,600 employees as of 2005, 1,100 of whom are Game Masters for WoW. They probably employ around 2,000 or 3,000  now. They are on the same budget scale as Sierra (13 mil Console, 8 mil PC)–but except they are allotted 50 million Euro for online gaming products.  

      Sierra on the other hand, has around 700 employees and it has four subsidiaries (Massive Entertainment, Radical Entertainment, Swordfish Studios, High Moon Studios), and is run from Vivendi’s LA Headquarters. Martin Tremblay is the company President.

      If you go to Vivendi’s main page, go to the Investor Info section and click on Vivendi Games, you’ll find Vivendi’s organization and future plans for Sierra & Blizzard.

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