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      I’m running xp… Does anybody know of the best, or easiest (hopefully same answer) MT32 emulator for old Sierra Games?

      Specifically, the cool Police Quest II intro music while playing 🙂

      While I’m at it, are there any great emulators for the three voice sounds used in the older games, that I played on my PCjr? I remember two things that I can’t seem to replicate now: 1. the birds chirping in the old king’s quest I (was it my imagination, or were there really bird sounds?) and the cool intro music to King’s Quest III (you know, when the wizard screen pops up as he zaps the names on the screen…)

      I think I found an amiga emulator that worked on the King’s Quest III intro, but I still haven’t been able to replicate the bird sounds in the old game. Any ideas?

      Pete Liesenfeld

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      (re: Best MT32 emulator?)


      For MT-32 emulation, I think the best is to use the MT-32-enabled version of DosBox 0.6. I’ve never used it myself, so I can’t say anything more.

      For your memories of King’s Quest on the PCjr, you are right, it featured bird sounds which version 2 (the common AGI version) didn’t. There is currently no working PCjr emulator, but the Tandy 1000 version of King’s Quest is nearly the same, and works under Tand-Em with sound.


      Tandy 1000 emulator: Tand-Em

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      (re: Best MT32 emulator?) The DOSBox release referred to in the last post can to be found here. The driver mentioned on the site is older than the DOSBox capability but both work so you can try either. DOSBox needs a hefty CPU for protected mode games and this is even more so when you want to run the MT32 emulator.
      You’ll have to ‘find’ the MT32 ROM image yourself as no-one is allowed to distribute it. Like Sierra, Roland is protective of its old technology.

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