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      I am 28 and have been doing computers since i was 9 and one of my fondest memories were the old bbs days. I rember getting a list of bbs’s and calling them till I got one. Before the internet, alot of people would exchange information and files thru a BBS I even had one for awhile. Once , I even called a bbs in canada for the telex program (dad was not happy about the LD bill) looking back it showed my curiousity for the bbs’s. Now with the internet and local dial ups its not an issue anymore. I am curious if anbody else remembers bbs’s and any fond memories of it .

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      (re: BBS )

      BBS was so fun! I remember downloading *.xm/*.xa/*.mod music files before *.mp3/*.m4a became standard. Boy, they were awful, but it worked through my internal speaker!

      Las Vegas area’s last BBS services disappeared in the summer of ’98. By then, the fun wasn’t there anymore.

      I like sites like this because of the BBS style (well, like older BBS styles).

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      (re: re: BBS ) speaking of sound file you rember mod files also you rember some of the graphical programs like RIP script they were near the later part of the bbs days
      aroud 94 or 95 is when I rember them

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      (re: re: re: BBS )

      Yeah RIP! Wow! Seems like centuries ago! PCs/BBSs have changed so much!

      I don’t really remember any specifics of RIP script, but every now and then I run into one from something I have of something I downloaded about a decade ago (94/95).

      I do recall faintly (thanks to amnesia) some *.mod player that had RIP script for graphics. It also played (now that my memories jogging) *.vod, *.vox and *.vx files, but I never knew what the *.vod/*.vx files were, only that it was supported according to it’s F1 file.

      Thanks for brining up this side of BBSs I had almost totally forgotten! 😀

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      (re: BBS ) If you’re interested, there are still BBSs around. Better yet, since you connect via the internet, there are no long distance charges. 🙂 You can use the Telnet that comes with windows, but I recommend MTelnet. You can get it here:
      . It has full ANSI support. And
      Link: here’s a list of BBSs( 
      . They all run on Synchronet software, but you can find others. A fun place to try is Gameland ( I believe). It has TONS of doors set up. Play LORD, Usurper, Lemonade…lots of others. And by the way, I loved BBSing too. I’m the same age as you, and I remember those LD bills too. 🙂 I also ran a small hobby board for a few years in the early 90s. It was a blast.

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      (re: re: BBS )

      Oh thanks totally! Lately, I’ve be using mIRC to chat and stuff related to such. I’ve heard of the others.

      Speaking of LD bills, when I my phone bill came in, it was like a few hundred bucks, so I stopped using it. Then I got this dumb idea to adapt the cell (old brick kind) into the PC. Whoops, as it was a LOT more than the phone!

      See you at one of these sites! Or just share memories here!

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      Let’s Play Sierra Games

      I used to run a WWIV BBS – for two years, I was in TN – then for a few years in San Diego.

      When the BBS died, I had people sign it – or send me emails with memories of the BBS and I wrote on it.

      Still have the casing.

      The Nexus BBS…

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