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      Im studying Videogames Design and Development and Im almost launching my first game on Android. As many of us (I guess) I usually have ideas about videogames I would like to make in the future. The point is that I wonder how could I capture those ideas in a document, so that I wont forget it or one day I could show it to someone. I know about GDD, I have some templates but I think they deepen so much and I feel like Im wasting the time.

      I dont know if I have explained my question, my English is not so good… Definitely, do you know any simple GDD template or can you tell me what are the most important points that a professional would look for? I know is very unlikely that any of those ideas become videogames, but Ive met some already professional developers before in videogame events and I regretted so much to not have any document project to show… 


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      teaser trailer

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