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      Tim W


      I wanted to add to the chorus of Thank Yous. Like so many others, Sierra was a large part of my childhood in the 80’s. I was lucky enough to have a Tandy 1000 early on. I remember my father bringing a copy of KQ1 home and showing it to me. I was hooked! I remember how excited I got when he added a second floppy drive, so I could have my save floppy ready to go. From then on, I bought every Sierra game. I was fortunate enough to live nearby in Merced during that time and as a present, my father took me to headquarters for one of the famous tours. I believe it was during 1988 because I vividly remember being shown the SQ3 demo with the MT-32 soundtrack. I was blown away! During the tour, in something I will never forget, we happened to parked in from of Al Lowe’s office. The tour guides back was turned to Al, so as he was speaking, Al was making faces and miming to us. It was hilarious. You would know, you worked with him every day.

      I actually just finished your book last night. You talked about your marketing strategy for Sierra. You were so right! I felt part of the family. I bought into everything Sierra did. I subscribed to InterAction. I got into TSN early. Who knew Cribbage could so much fun with others!?!

      Below is my box of games I still have. My wife laughs at me for still having it. I will never get rid of them. I may be buried with them! Again, thank you Ken and Roberta and to the whole Sierra family!

      Box of Games

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      Ken Williams

      Thank you! – Ken W

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      I second this. You and your wife taught me to spell.

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