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      Hey there, just wondering if anyone has news on the re-release of the sierra games in compilations coming soon in the new year 2006.   Is this their attempt to see if there is still a market for these games, to bring them back?.  Or is it a means to make money off their ongoing fan base.  Either way I hope they make the new re-relase into a nice package, with a bit of nostalgia and such for the fans who have played these games since the early days.  If they have no interest in continuing these games,  why make the effort to shut down all these fan based projects?.   I guess we will have to wait and see what the future of adventure games holds.  I really enjoyed sitting down with friends trying to figure out the games, always something new to discover.  It was a quality fun for families,  which I hope they try to bring back for another generation to enjoy.  Anyways,  I’m glad to see the rerelease coming out.  Would be great to get them all to run properly on the new PC’s.    let me know if you have the scoop on this.

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