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      Just found this site and wanted to drop a note saying how much I enjoyed Sierra Online back in the day. I started out on an Apple II + and still miss that machine. Not for what it did, but how ‘cool’ it was at the time. And you guys made the best games. I also started out programming on keypunch cards so I know what you mean. One of my instructors back when I was learning programming told us a story about when he was in the Air Force and was in charge of the inventory of keypunch programs and data. A room full of boxes of cards. One evening they had a fire at the base and the sprinkler system came on in the storage room. He came in the next morning to find that the cards had gotten wet, swelled in the boxes and busted out all over the place. What a mess those days were! Anyhow, good to hear you guys made it through and thanks for all you’ve done.
      Dave in Missouri

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