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      Ah, yes!  I remember in the early 1990s when I received a copy of “Sorcerian” as a Christmas present.  Little did I realize that the game was originally written by one of the best game producers nobody in the US knew about:  Nihon Falcom.  It was not until I was later introduced to the “Ys” series via SNES that Falcom’s name really stood out for me…especially when I realized that far better localizations of that Ys installment existed (i.e. Turbografx CD).  It is with this thread that I must pay homage where it is due to those who took a great risk in localizing “Sorcerian.”  In stepping out on a limb through this localization, Sierra On-line proved one of many times that they knew what great gaming was all about.  Long before the US was taken up by storm in the middle-to-late ’90s with Japanese RPGs, Sierra had undertaken the task of bringing us this wonderful game.  Sadly, America as a whole simply wasn’t ready for this type of gaming.  Even to this day, it is only the small core of veteran gamers that truly appreciates such offerings.  I only wish that more game companies would follow in the footsteps of the Sierra that existed back in the day by bringing us games that expand the boundaries of innovation.  Hats off to Sierra On-line, supreme gaming pioneer!

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