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      The one thing that for years has disturbed me about the QFG 1 VGA remake involves Erasmus’ Mage’s Maze game…

      In the Original EGA (ie:Hero’s Quest as well), you could play the game with Erasmus over and over (provided you had enough mana potions to replenish yourself) by simplying typing Play Game, Play Mage’s Maze…etc…but in the VGA remake, Erasmus asks you when you first enter the tower if you want to play, but I have never been able to figure out a way to play another game if you lose the first one (or run out of mana), other than to leave the tower and climb up the mountain, answer the riddle, enter the house, and climb up the stairs again…

      Did I miss something?

      Also, I can’t remember if I have played the VGA version of the Anthology CD or not, but I remember the disk version having a bug that made the colors go quite psychedlic periodically and I would have to save the game, quit and restore to that point to fix the graphic problem…was it fixed for the Anthology? I have the CD, but I don’t think I have ever played the VGA version on it, and haven’t played the VGA version in probably 10 years, because of the that Mage’s Maze thing…(and also cause you can’t use the razzle dazzle root beer cheat… :)-I thank the programmers for that one…


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