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      Hey all,

      This morning I received an email from the mother of an autistic child who dearly loves Alphabet Blocks.  Her son’s intense love of the game has worked through their copy – it is now worn out and will no longer read in their CD-Rom drive.  She was asking for any help in finding a copy.

      Without going into the details her son – largely because of his disease – is incessantly asking her for a copy and she is very desperate to find one.  While I frown on piracy I would have happily given her a copy if I had one but I don’t.  I actually went out and looked on EBay for a copy to buy for them but there are none for sale.

      Is there anyone out there who can help her out?  If so, please get in touch with me at my email and I’ll put you and her together.  The details of the deal will be between you and her but I would ask that anyone trying to make money off of a collectors copy to stay away.  I’ve checked her out based on the information in the email and she is a hard working mother of a sick child – not another game collector. 

      It would be really great if someone in the Sierra community could help her out.  I wish I could have.  Get in touch with me if you happen to be that person.



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      hi Andy
      i have the DEMO version of the game
      (it’s not good as the full version but it’s better than nothing)
      if it’s still relavant i will gladly upload it to some site and post the link here

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