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      Dear Ken,

      Who was the creator of AGI engine in early 80’s?
      I was sure that it was a group inside Sierra but on some Sierra fan sites it’s written that the engine was given by IBM for King’s Quest for PCjr.

      Thanks in advance,

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      (re: AGI Creator) AGI was 100% a Sierra invention. Most of the credit for AGI goes to Jeff Stephenson and myself.
      SCI was 99% Jeff Stephenson’s invention, but had a fairly large team at Sierra to work on it. Some of the names that come to mind are: Larry Scott, Bob Heitman, Chris (Something?) I think the full SCI team was around 10 engineers.
      SCI was the first mass-use object oriented languages. The concept of an object oriented language existed prior to SCI, but no one was using it for commercial applications. I remember the first time Jeff showed me some object oriented code. He created an object that was a door, and had methods like “open” and “close” – and, then overrode the object to make it a window (that would have the same methods). It made absolutely no sense to me. It took years before I really “got it” with respect to object-oriented technologies.
      -Ken W

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      (re: re: AGI Creator)

      Thanks, Ken!

      What was the reason to switch later to C++ based development in games like Police Quest 3(?) (the one with video and photo backgrounds)? I got the impression that the game logic was written in C++ (not the game engine) because of some specific error messages during the game. And it looked like you also lost some stability when the switch to C++ was made…

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