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      Hello, I was thrilled to find this site.  My friend is turning 80 next week and she loved the Roof Rats game that was in the After Dark games pack.  Her daughter recently got a new computer and they lost Roof Rats.  I thought that it would be a nice birthday gift to try and find a version of Roof Rats that will run on Windows 7.   Do you know what version of the game will run on Windows 7?  Or if there is a place that I can purchase a game for her?  I am happy to get the entire games pack.  Thanks and I really appreciate any help that you can give me. 

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      hello.  I realize this post is almost a year old, but just saw it.  I have an unopened copy of this game.  It doesn’t work on Windows 7 straight out of the box, but you can run a small emulator available on the internet to play.

      If interested, drop me a note.
      – John Williams = johncwilliams  @

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