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      the new Sierra is just plain stupid.

      Their trying to compete with firms as EA Games, who just crank up one succesful game after another. The ONLY memorable game the new Sierra has made since it was taken over is Half Life. Now their sales are dropping and everything is depending on the sequel to Half Life.

      A year ago, when everyone thought the adventure game was dead, Micropose unexpectedly struck gold with the release of the adventure game Syberia, putting 3d charachters in a 2d world, wich an atmosphere that feels just like an old Sierra game to me. Now the company Dreamcatcher has set up a division called “The adventure Company”, wich only releases Adventure games. They even signed Jane Jensen to make a new game!!!!

      Not to mention the attention Tierra has gotten with their KQ games, when they released KQ1VGA, the new Sierra supposedly sold more Kings Quest Mask of Eternity copies they ever did.

      Now Sierra is resurrecting Leisure suit Larry for a new game…. Coincedence??? I think not.

      We might be seeing a lot of adventure games again.

      What do you think about it Ken, what would you do if you were still in charge at the new Sierra?

      Greetings from Amsterdam, Holland.

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      (re: Adventure Gaming today) Not to mention Uru: Ages beyond myst- and adventure game based in the Myst story, but more like an ‘old school’ adventure game. Not only did it work, it worked beautifully.
      Yessir, I believe adventure games are revving up for a revival sometime soon! ^_^

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      (re: re: Adventure Gaming today)

      I sincerely hope both of you are right, I’ve been waiting for many years for gamers accross the world to raise arms and once more quest into the golden age of gaming!!

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