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      I wanted to just say thank you for everything! I was an absolute Sierra junky. I played every game and loved the company. Just a tidbit of memories:

      – I used to draw the logo in school in my notebook while “learning” during classes

      – I used to arrange sleep-overs with friends in elementary school so we could work on a Sierra game non-stop (his parents would let us call the “hint hotline”)

      – When you guys use to have “Interactive Magazine” I use to call and ask for one sent to me even though I already had one.. or more of that same copy cause I love getting mail and loved the company and gave some to my friends. (sorry about that, by the way, I was young, internet wasn’t invented yet and was foolish).

      – Have most of the games still on as well as still have my original copy of Robin Hood: Conquests of the Longbow still in the box in great condition and in its 5.25″ floppy disks.. most people now days if they think of a floppy disk its in the 3.25″… anyway..

      – I remember as a kid the first game I EVER played was King’s Quest 3. Immediately hooked.. King’s Quest was hands down my favorite series of games even though I loved every single Sierra game ever made. I still have all of them memorized (for the most part). I have even introduced all the games and played through them all again with my kids.

      – Kings Quest 4 was MY first Sierra game. Growing up as 1 of 3 boys every game before was more of a family gift. It was personally responsible for my interest into Greek Mythology as well as ghosts. King’s Quest V being the first one I bought with my own money delivering papers on my bike.

      – I also remember my brother and I were very young and stumbled on to the games that were suppose to be christmas gifts that were pre-loaded on computer.. and as sneaky bad kids.. we use to arrange with each other that we woke up in the middle of the night and played the games until an hour or so before my parents woke up and played. Quest for Glory (Hero’s Quest at the time) was guilty for many sleepless nights/mornings.

      – I dont remember the year.. but once there was a cassette tape made as a promotion and/or demo for the midi(i think) or some synthesizer .. showing how this new sound would work.. the label was in chinese or taiwanese.. or something.. i dont even remember where my dad got it but he took a lot of trips to Taiwan. But i listened to it over and over so much one of my brothers went into my room and pulled the ribbon out of the cassette and wrapped it around the cassette and threw it behind my dresser hoping i wouldnt notice it was gone. but i noticed.. fixed it and played it more.

      – As kids with my neighbors and friends…instead of playing army men or pirates or whatever.. we pretended to be characters from all the games.. playing “Police Quest” was the best cause all my friends knew police

      I have more memories but my 4th grade level of writing prevents me from boring everyone any longer…

      I will end with this.. Im a small streamer and a long time die hard gamer, back when it was more or less frowned on by the general public. I have always wanted to make games because of Sierra.. I have followed games and just about every aspect of games (yes still mainly PC games). I was a giddy 42 year old boy when I was watching ‘High Score’ and saw Roberta and Ken on that show. In my personal opinion Ken and Roberta don’t get nearly enough credit and recognition for what they have done for the world of gaming. Roberta was my personal hero being such a huge Kings Quest fan.

      But thank you not only to Ken and Roberta.. but to everyone: Al Lowe, Scott Murphy, Mark Crowe, Lori and Corey Cole, Jim Walls, Christy Marx (just to name a few). Thank you for being such a big influence in so many lives, the industry, and childhoods (even the grown up ones). More selfishly, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being such a huge part of my life.

      I wish you guys still had a merch store as I would probably buy one of everything 🙂

      Thank you very much for reading my attempt at a truly sincere letter.. I was only a B student in english… 20+ years ago

      P.S. I heard Scott and Mark were making a game somewhere in the state I am in.. I would love to take them out for lunch.. even if its a 2 hour drive from me. I know (at least hope) they are still working on a game together and with covid I would love to still help out so they could create it. That goes for anyone from Sierra in that case.. we do have uber eats and its the least I could do to say thanks.

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      Ken Williams

      Thank you!!!! – Ken W

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