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      Hi everyone,

      I am Baylock and I’m a wargame enthusiast.

      I would like to know if there is any possibility to get/buy the Hi-res version of the Kriegsmarine Map included in the Ace of the deep.

      I found a medium size of it in the website but I would need a very large and clean version of it.

      Of course, I am willing to pay its cost.

      I am interested in this map because I just love it and would like to use a printed version of it in conjunction with a board game I like just as much:

      “The Hunters: German U-Boats at war, 1939-1943”

      This board game is superb but lacks a map to refer to when I play, and and yours is just perfect in that regard.

      Not to mention that I like your map so much that I would like to frame it in my game room (hens the very large format that I would like to get).

      Of course, this would be for a non commercial use.

      So, would it be possible to get/buy a copy of it somewhere?

      Thank you.

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      Of course, I don’t know if I’ve been clear about that, I’m looking for a virtual format of the map (PDF/jpeg/Tiff,…).

      Thank you.

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