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      I am for the spanish game adventures web page “La Aventura Es La Aventura” http://laventura.meristation.com/  , and we are interested in interviewing Ken Willams and to their wife, Roberta, whenever you wanted.
      If you want, thank you to respond. Already plaster-shooting my e-mail if Ken and Roberta want to make the interview.
      If it was not possible we would like to make the interview with Carlos Escobar that we don’t have their direcion mail.

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      (re: A web page is interesed…) Hi Mr. Williams!

      Here are the questions, you can answer them when you want.

      1- Those years when you used to work in Sierra: were they intense?
      2- How was the first on-line experience back in the ’90?
      3- You used to program your games in the beginning, why do you leave it?
      4- What do you think about the new adventures?
      5- How were the relationships with other companies? For instance, ERBE (Spain) or Dymamix.
      6- You didn’t make a lot of purchases, but you did bought Coktel Vision. We didn’t hear anything from them since 1994. What happend with them?
      7- What do you think of…?
      Al Lowe?
      Corey and Lori Ann Cole?
      Jane Jensen?
      Sierra nowadays?

      That’s pretty much it for now.
      Thank you very much.
      Guillem Rueda.

      An off-topic question:
      Does Carlos Escobar speak spanish?

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