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      Hi Ken,
      It’s Chris Iden on this end. Cool website!
      As I write this I am sitting in an office in the old Sierra On-line building on Sierra Way in Oakhurst working as the VP of Operations on an MMORPG for Tektonic Studios, a Sierra Telephone subsidiary. It’s ironical that I left Sierra Telephone in 1981 to work with you and Berta in the formative days of the computer game industry and now I’m back working at Sierra Telephone on computer games. There are a lot of familiar faces working with me here: Larry Scott, yes he’s still alive :-), Gary Butts, Conan Brink (Conan is the one that turned me on to this website), Rich Powell, Chance Thomas and others from the Sierra On-line days. You can check us out at
      Link: http://www.tektonicstudios.com(http://www.tektonicstudios.com) 
      Email me your email address at
      Link:chris@starbridgestudio.com (mailto:chris@starbridgestudio.com)
      if you would like to know more about what is going on in Sierra’s “hometown”.
      All my best to you, Berta, and the boys,

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