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      Steve A Lewis

      I’ve come across a story that (to me) has a lot of parallels to Sierra, but within a different industry.

      Michael (Mickey) Singer developed The Medical Manager in 1978, it became popular locally and then quickly expanded nationally (after Comdex in Vegas in 1981). It eventually ended up being acquired by Blue Cross Blue Shield and then WebMD, with a billion dollar sale at around 1999. All this similar to how Sierra grew and grew, and was also sold for around a billion.

      Ken had a rather sour experience after the Sierra merge. In contrast, Mr. Singer had a fairly good experience initially, being able to retain some control and continue good works. But then there was some legal trouble in an extreme fiasco of a federal case. All those involved were eventually found innocent and the case dismissed, but it took nearly a decade of legally defending themselves.

      Read the book “The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection” by Michael Singer. I’m not sure if Ken was ever aware of this very similar story happening at the other side of the country in the early 1980s (software, but in a completely different industry). But I think it’s interesting that the William’s started on the Apple II, while Michael got his start on the TRS-80.

      If you’re not so interested in the early yogi spiritual path aspects, the computer-technical parts start in Chapter 32 page 170.

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      Steve A Lewis

      (small correction, page 128)

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