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      Dear Mr. & Mrs. Williams,

      Though you more than likely have pages and pages full of posts with apprecations for all that you have done for several generations of gamers and the gaming industry as a whole I would still like to add my 2 cents and give you my sincerest appreciation for the imagination, smiles, thrills, love and pure raw emotion I have felt through all those years playing all the quest’s and other marvelous games that have been produces by the company you have once raised!
      My story:
      I am a 28-year old guy from the Netherlands. Since I was only 8 or so I have been “exposed” to the wonderful world of Larry, King Graham and Wilco and Gabriel.
      Not only were the games wonderful (often times still beter then the new stuff) but they really caught your attention and grabbed you! Making you feel guilty when you had to quit. 😉
      I could write pages and pages on how you’re work has influenced my life but I really won’t bother you with that.
      I read on your website you have now moved to France. Please do visit Holland some time (if you haven’t already)!

      Many many thanks for all the wonderful games/years you both have brought me and millions of others around the globe! I know I for sure will have the classic Sierra games on # 1 forever!

      With kind regards,

      Christiaan Meijer

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