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      Kevin McConnell

      So, for anyone who might be interested, I just recently released a 2-player horror-themed adventure game on Steam.


      It’s heavily inspired by classic Sierra AGI-engine games, which I’m sure most people can tell even at a glance, and so features a text parser interface, rather than any point and clickery.

      As I say, it’s 2-player, though it only supports local “couch” co-op, and both players need to have their own separate USB keyboards. Each keyboard is like your controller, basically. Also, the game recognizes external USB keyboards only, so laptop / built-in keyboards won’t work. Sorry, I know that’s a lot of caveats. But for anyone who thinks a 2-player old-school Sierra-esque game sounds interesting, please do check it out. I’d be interested to hear what people think.

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