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      I was just watching a program on the history of gaming tonight, and the only reason I didn’t change the channel was because I knew Sierra would be mentioned. But to my great surprise, it wasn’t. Then I searched, found this site, and thought I’d post a little recognition and thanks myself.

      In the late 80’s a friend down the street had Kings Quest III, a game that blew away anything I’d seen on our Tandy 1000, and largely captured my interest in computers. So, from Mother Goose to Larry, I began to buy every Sierra game I could find. There are still over 20 on my self now, and I practically gave away all of the 16 color titles to a guy I didn’t know, who had just bought his first computer. I wanted him to be as excited about the your company and the amazing things you created as I was.

      But I remember buying my first computer based on Sierra games specs, and later getting a giant, external CD-ROM drive, when they first came out, because of a Sierra release on CD. I remember upgrading to my first VGA monitor as the 256 color games became available, and taking a Computer Music class as an elective in my first year of college.

      I remember Sierra as being the company in the forefront of these technologies, and I sincerely hope that history gives you and the talented people who worked with you the deserved credit for pushing the boundaries and recruiting so many fans into the industry. Thank you so much, Ken and Roberta. Sierra wasn’t part of the story tonight on that history program, but you’re definitely part of mine. -Chris

      The Black Cauldron, I almost forgot! Another great, old game.

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