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      Hey guys,

      I recently started school again and apparently I wasnt ready for the added costs. So I have decided to sell some of my games. I have a few classic and some news ones, I wanted to post them here before I put them on Ebay to see if any of you guys wanted first picks.

      I have:

      Conquests of Camelot (In orignal condition with box,manuals, 3.5″ And 5.25″)

      Phantasmagoria (Only Cd Book with Manual)

      Zeus And Expansion Pack (In box with manuals)

      Aces Collection (All the Simulators from Dynamix) *No Manuals*

      Lords Royal Collection (Lords of the Realm 1&2 and Siege Pack) *No Manuals*

      Best of Sierra Volume I (NASCAR Racing 2/Earthsiege 2/ Titanic Adventure Out of Time) *No Manuals*

      **All of the games that dont have manuals have on-board help and some even have the manuals on the CD.**

      I’ll take any offers.. So just send me an email atechocalas@austin.rr .com

      Thanks Again,

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