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      While watching my brother play kq1 when he got to the end he ended up
      with 159points which is 1 more point higher than the maxium amount.
      Well heres where the extra point comes into effect. Its where you fill
      the bowl with out reading it. Was this extra point ment to be in the
      game as an easter egg or was it just accidental?

      Thanks for your time.

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      I just asked Roberta. She said:

      ‘…I don’t remember ever hearing this, and it certainly wasn’t deliberate. But, King’s Quest has been re-programmed so many times, that probably it’s just some programmer who ‘Got Creative’. …’

      -Ken W

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      I remember Space Quest I having the same bug. I could end the game with something like 207 out of 202 points.

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      I encountered a bug in Space Quest 4 the first time I played it, in the software store in the
      mall. It seemed all the other things in the bargain bin were always
      just out of money’s reach for Roger to buy. (except the SQ4 hintbook,
      of course) Well, after earning some cash at Monolith, I headed back and
      lo and behold, I had enough to buy one of the other games!! I don’t
      remember how many buckazoids I had or which of the games it was, but
      when I attempted to buy it, I got the ‘OOPS! You did something we
      didin’t think of!’ error. Indeed! 🙂


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      I had this same point bug happen to me as well. It was in the original King’s Quest release, not any of the remakes. I kept the save game because I thought it was a cool bug and I remember intending to submit a picture of it way back in the day to the magazine, but I never got around to it. I’m sure with enough searching I could still dig up the save game. Think it was around 1993.

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