Reply To: Old Sierra IP

Ken Williams

Greetings! Apologies for being slow responding.

Roberta and I still have no idea what we’ll do next. Phantasmagoria 3 would certainly be at the top of our list, but the rights are with Microsoft, and may be impossible to get. That said, Roberta and I would probably be able to get someone’s attention, and “might” be able to get to the right person, but I doubt Microsoft would be interested. And at this point, I’m not sure Roberta and I would be. We haven’t had time to think about it.

I spoke with Activision about working with them, before the merger. The answer caught me off guard and shouldn’t have. In today’s world, unless a product has billion dollar potential, Activision wouldn’t take it on. My guess is Microsoft has the same philosophy. For large companies, small products are really just a distraction.

They (Microsoft) might be willing to part with some of the old Sierra licenses, but probably not. My guess is that they aren’t sure what they have or what it is worth, and would rather do nothing than try to sort it out quickly.

If you want to try contacting Microsoft, my best guess as to how to proceed would be to try to find someone in their business development group. (biz-dev). Linked-In might be a way to find them. I doubt you’ll get anywhere, but .. you never know until you try.

-Ken W