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John L Coulson

Hi, I’m laid up in hospital just watching episode 3 of High Score where I am being introduced to Roberta and Ken. In line with Robertas penchant for adventure games, I am developing a series of interactive immersive adventure games that play out in real time. I feel this is something they and Sierra might take a great interest in. A small taste is on the website with Instant Idol, an interactive music game unlike any other! Instant Idol has recently caught the attention of an iconic Hollywood musical family who is interested in taking it to the next level, our NDA precludes from saying who at this time. I hope we may chat further and the 15 plus other applications I have conceived for this platform. A bit about me, I am a prolific inventor named on sevetal patents from a simple bottle cap to encryption tech that scrambles images for security means, and 2 days ago I entered into a development deal to produce and market a revolutionary new oral hygiene product but my hearts in gaming. I promise if we connect you won’t be dissapointed and I won’t be a waste of your time. Hope to hear from, all the best JLC