Reply To: Phantasmagoria 3 or remake?

Paulo Teixeira

Hello everyone!

I’m Paulo, from Portugal, and I played a lot of Sierra On-Line games since the early days, like many of you here.
I’m truly happy to see Ken Williams here replying to comments and suggestions; very enriching.

Now, in regards to what Ken said…
” (…) Roberta and I have talked many times about “What comes next?”
A lot will depend on if people like the game I am working on now, and if I can convince Activision to let me use some of the old series. (…) ”

Well, first things first!
1) you and Roberta musty WANT to make a new Phantas game;
2) You must share your thoughts with the community –we will tell you what we think;
3) if the community’s feedback is good, you just need to keep going to improve the project and convince Activistion (or any other publisher) to believe in your work, given the community’s feeback;
4) if the publisher accepts it, then just go ahead! But remember to keep the “prime factors” that made Phantas 1 a great game and so desirable worldwide: mystery, atmosphere, FVM. I’m sure a new Phantasmagoria would, however, require a lot more polishing –better and bigger FMVs, less pixelated “sprites” over backgrounds and a better implementation of sprites on them, an increase of difficulty and reduction of game linearity…

Anyway, I guess what counts is what the community will think about it. For a start, you (Ken and Roberta) can see a LOT of people want a new game, so just take the challenge seriously and grab all the help you can! There are MANY people out there that will be willing to help!!

Thank you!

We’ve put no energy into thinking about what a game would actually be, beyond Roberta saying that Laura Bow and Phantasmagoria would be at the top of her list to work on.

-Ken W