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Hi Ken and Roberta, I hope you are well. I’m sure you are both extremely busy but if you did have an opportunity to read this, I would be ecstatic.

My sister and I grew up playing Kings Quest introduced to us by our dad. We had so much fun playing these titles, it introduced us to gaming and I dare say helped to develop us with the inquisitive and logical mindsets we both possess today.

Last year I started a game development studio, very small scale but we launched our first puzzle game in virtual reality. We have had so much fun creating this and I now know I want to do this full time. I’m giving up the day job in finance and pursuing my dreams. We are considering our next venture and whilst enjoying a cold beer after showcasing the latest update to our game at EGX in London, my team were discussing what our first experiences of gaming were and what shaped our childhood.

Without hesitation my immediate response was Kings quest!

Another beer later and reminiscing the hours spent on your games, it got us thinking, what if we could revive the old Kings quest games and share this with the youth of today.

I know it is most likely a very long shot and likely the IP now sits with Activision, but I wanted to reach out as we would be extremely keen to revive King Graham and build a truly compelling adventure game for a new audience.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this and perhaps any advice you’d give for us to contact Activision on this venture.

All the very best