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I’m stuck on the stolen car bit, after putting the suspect in the back of my cruiser, Jack is supposed to come up to Sonny so that i can check out the gun i took from the suspect. Annoyingly he doesn’t and i can’t search the guy’s car because he keeps telling me that “i need to put him in physical custody first”. He is in the back of the friggin’ copcar with cuffs on!

There is no command to type in to search the car, due to above mentioned response from the game and i can’t take the guy to jail before i search his glove box and trunk. Quite annoying. I looked for multiple walkthroughs but they all say the same and or not helping me further the game.

Anybody out there experienced the same thing and knows what to do? Help a guy out not to have to keep roaming this earth after i’m dead because i have “unfinished business”…. 🙂