Reply To: Current state of games

Barbara Jenke

Hello, Ken.

My husband and I started playing Sierra Games on our Apple IIe back in the 1980s with “Mystery House.” Sometimes knowing the correct word was frustrating. How could we forget to use the word “up” to get back into the house? My mother-in-law suggested it when we played with her.

We played “The Wizard and the Princess” and early versions of “King’s Quest” with my sister and her husband and used the TV as the monitor.

Then I played Sierra Games on the Mackintosh. Now I have a PC.

I noticed that in the list of Sierra Games that “Time Zone” is missing. We played it in 1985/1986 on our Apple IIc. For us, back then we thought that $100 was an awful lot to pay. LOL. When we moved in the fall of 1986, We forgot about the game until after my husband sold the computer. We were in our late 30s, so it wasn’t due to senility, I hope. Was “Time Zone” released for the PC? I would love it if you would re-release the game for the PC. I’d love to finish the game or a least have you write a book on how it is solved.

I’m happy to learn that you are working on a new game and have a new book.