Reply To: Current state of games

Ken Williams

I was wondering where the idea to make a game suddenly comes from?
Also because I can read Roberta and you didn’t follow the gaming industry at all.

So where comes this big contradiction from?

Roberta and I do not follow the game industry. We are VERY retired. I started working on a game, mostly because I was curious to see current technology, plus writing the book about Sierra rekindled my interest in games.

As of now, Roberta is watching what I am doing, but is not involved. I am hoping that she will get excited and start working with me.

I may be fooling myself, and the game I am working on is terrible, or I will never find the time to finish it. I do not want to over promise. All I can say at this point is that I am working on something and it looks great to me, and more importantly — it is fun to play. And, that’s really what counts more than anything.

-Ken W