Reply To: Current state of games

David Harblin

That is awesome to hear that you are working on a game! I’ll check in through here in awhile and see how you’re doing if I don’t see if on the market in the next year or two lol.

I saw that you wrote a book about Sierra and I actually have it in my Amazon cart right now and will be ordering it on payday! I myself am working on a video project about the history of Coleco and the ColecoVision, since it was manufactured literally in my back yard in Mayfield, NY, that I plan to release on YouTube. It will be the first of many! Maybe one day I could do one on you and maybe get a couple quotes? Nothing much just send you two or three questions if you wouldn’t mind answering I would appreciate it.

Thanks for the reply!
David Harblin a.k.a Itsharbs87