Reply To: Thank you both!

Vlad and Hans from Heroes of Gaming

Roberta YOU are our hero!

Happy New Year Year Roberta!

It is an honor to E-Meet you here at the beginning of a great new year. I hope this message finds you well and feeling encouraged.

My name is Vladimir, and I am a filmmaker and Game Tester.

I started this podcast called HEROES OF GAMING where we interview the REAL HEROES which is not the gamers, it’s incredible people like you. The people that make it happen should be celebrated for their work! We wanted to create a special venue where that reverence for you and your craft can be honored.

I would firstly like to thank you.

For all the work, toil, effort, frustration, sleepless nights, and motivation for contributing to all the games you are a part of throughout your career.


I would like to humbly request for an hour of your time (February or March) to join us on the podcast to discuss the world you lived in. Educate people on the complexities of that profession with the amazing historically significant choices you made. Through your voice we can discover your passion for this field, your work that led you to where you are, and your future of what you plan to do.

Or anything (including your book) that you would like to promote.

We have been raised on many of the fine products at Sierra, but none have made their impact like your works, especially the King’s Quest Series.

We know (and are huge fans of) your talents and l am grateful for opportunity to reach out for your consideration. Our email we have put below as well so we can more efficiently communicate/schedule should you like to jump on a skype call with us for the chat.

Thank you so much for everything Roberta!

Faith and Honor,

Vlad and Hans
Heroes of Gaming Podcast