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Welcome to the forums! 🙂 It’s usually a wee bit quiet in these parts! I help co-admin another Sierra related forum over at: (check out the site itself for getting classic Sierra games to run on modern machines!) Collector is the main man behind the entire site. I am just his forum minion. 🙂

I did WoW myself, since launch and quit off and on, finally quitting after Lich King. (Got a character to level 80, and was leveling another and realized how repetitive it was getting since I was running the second character, through the same quests… got boring very quickly!) I originally was into EverQuest (the first one) for many years, when it first came out. And now dabble with Lord of the Rings Online (which is Free To Play) – because it reminds me of EverQuest. The lands are HUGE. Lots and lots and lots of exploring, unlike WoW. (Not that I am dissing WoW – WoW designed an MMO by taking everything that was good about most MMOs and incorporating it into their own! And they took out all the difficult things on players that many other MMO’s had, making down time very low when you play WoW).