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Hello all,

My name is Andy and I am the current web admin for Sierra Gamers.  Before taking over here I started and built SierraVault – an archival website about Sierra On-line that included high quality scans of everything from the Sierra game boxes to the full InterAction and Sierra News Magazine collection.  In real life I am not a software nerd but a hardware one – working as an Electrical Engineer in Colorado.  My web ventures are efforts toward at least dabbling in software development if only in a web based environment presently. 

My wife and I are both avid gamers.  I started gaming Christmas morning in 1984 with an IBM PCjr and a copy of King’s Quest (and a copy of Bumble Plot).  At this point I can both spell the gnomes name and work on an XY coordinate system but only one of those skills came from gaming.  My wife joined me in gaming in the early 2000s playing Mythic’s Dark Age of Camelot.  We are both still casual online gamers (Lord of the Rings Online, currently and for the last couple of years) but we are also both pursuing Master’s Degrees at the University of Colorado and taking care of two needy dogs.  No kids, thank God.  Something would have to go.

If you have any Talkspot or website specific questions you’ll probably see me dropping in to try and help you out.  If you want direct help feel free to get in touch with me directly.  As you look around Sierra Gamers you’ll find holes in the digital collection and a plea for submissions from readers to fill those holes in.   Getting that done will start by you getting in touch with me.  Email is best. 

Have fun on the website and let me know what we can do to make it better.