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Ken, thanks for what you know, I wish I knew more as well… I know how personal TSN / INN was to you, and your reasons for creating the network were too. I found what I believe was a TV Ad for ImagiNation on YouTube recently (, and I have to be honest… For a moment there I cried, and I wasn’t even on the network when it closed, I was 2 then… Didn’t get a computer until I was 4 or 5 for educational purposes in 98. I cried because, it’s not right that what I believe is America’s first online gaming network in the form of a game, was just shut down and subsequently faded into a website that just hosted a few card games… I truly believe that INN would still exist today if AT&T hadn’t sold it to AOL, and that it would have been still as popular. My reason for this belief is that no game since has done this, there’s no game around which has all your games in one game and builds a community based upon that… I believe people still want that, and with some updated graphics, music and content (as in improvements), the game could easily still work. There’s no dial-up charges now, and bandwidth on servers is MASSIVELY cheaper, so instead of $9.95 for 5 hours, it’d be like $9.95 for unlimited hours, or even free-to-play with money coming from the sale of clothes or additional character items which are really just cosmetic.