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All good questions — Unfortunately, I’m not sure anyone knows the answer — or, at least I don’t.

Towards the end INN was partnered with AT&T. 

There were some political issues between AT&T and Sierra and generally the INN staffed sided with AT&T, or at least INN’s leadership did. AT&T wanted INN converted to run “on the internet” which was just getting started, so everything kind of ground to a halt while a rewrite was discussed. 

I remember getting AT&T involved thinking INN would be able to grow faster, but it didn’t work out that way.

I wasn’t in Oakhurst for the shut down. I don’t think it was very organized. Some people took home computers, and some were trashed. The same happened with the artwork. To the extent anything exists it would be from someone taking it home. I am fairly certain no official repository exists.

Wish I knew more…

Ken Williams