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Fun topic everyone!

I’m obviously biased, but I think of something as a Sierra product if I was the one who greenlighted the project, funded it, mentored the developers, shaped the marketing campaign, etc. Sierra had around fifteen development groups, and my process with each development group was the same. Some of the groups shipped better product than others, but they were all Sierra products.

I don’t remember all of the development groups and products.

– Brightstar
– Coktel Vision
– Dynamix
– Papyrus
– Impressions
– Headgate (is that their name? They made a golf game for us)
– ??? (there was a group that did productivity products)
– Sierra (can’t forget that one)
– There’s a bunch more, but I’m drawing a blank.

We also did products with companies like Henson, Disney, and, Playboy!

-Ken W