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I am in TOTAL agreement with Collector on this.  He actually put it into much better words than I could’ve.  Dynamix, Coktel Visions, and Impressions have always been a part of Sierra in my eyes and I have always included them and their games on my list of ‘Golden Age of Sierra’ games and companies.  They were indeed part of the Sierra Family of games, as Collector put it.  Those other companies he mentioned were never really identified alongside and with Sierra and should never be included.  Half-Life?  It was a very good, high-quality game, but still…I would not include it on the list.  Anything VU put out should not be included (including the positively awful two recent LSL games *shudders*).  I know I’m basically repeating what Collector just said, but he is so right on this.  How he views it is how I view it, too.