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WOW! I was at TJ MaxX, and a few years ago, I had seen Manhunter: New York, btu didnt think anythign of it. Then, recently I’ve been getting into old games, and kicked myself for not buying it. Went back today, and it was there! I quickly got it!! Its so nice to hold an old relic of the past in my hands. Only 5 BUCKS! To think, it’s been sitting there for 17 years!

In it was two floppies, the ‘official manhunter field map’ of new york, ‘official manhunter field guide’, a mail-in survey, and an ‘if you have problems’ card. The box has seen better days, but its all entact, everythings there. The box is in OK shape, but minus all that, you can see everything clearly, no rips, just ware.

Am I missing anything? And oh yeah, saw somwhere a pic of the contents and the field guide had a black cover! mine is just plain white. Why is this?