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Dynamix was Sierra’s first acquisition. We bought them sometime in the early to mid eighties.

Dynamix was best known for their 3d simulators. In those days, there was no hardware 3d, so very few companies were producing any kind of 3d product. Dynamix had a huge hit with a product called Red Baron, and followed it with Aces over Europe.

Towards the end (1996) they had expanded into a wide range of categories, including pinball (3D Pinball), adventure games (Willie Beamish, Rama) and even fishing (Bass Fishing).

There were times when Dynamix could have used more cost controls (late delivery, budget overruns) but they consistently developed some of Sierra’s best products, and were extremely respected in the organization for their creativity and technical genious.

My belief is that they were shut down completely within a couple of years after Sierra was acquired. When I ran the company they had approximately 100 employees,

-Ken W