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I played and liked both Betrayal at Krondor and Return to Krondor.  They were both excellent games even though they were very different from one another.  Probably because Return to Krondor wasn’t even supposed to be a Sierra title originally.  They just happened to regain the rights to it for reasons that I’ve forgotten.  Betrayal at Krondor is the kind of game that would greatly benefit from a remake.  But it was satisfying back in the day feeling like you were traveling across a continent.  Plus I liked those puzzle chests.  Return to Krondor was more linear and didn’t allow as much exploration, but it still had a great story, a good combat system, and good graphics for the time.  I think I’ve only read the Riftwar saga if that’s the one with Magician, Silverthorne, and those other books, so I was familiar with the setting and characters before Betrayal at Krondor came out.  I wouldn’t include Antara with the Krondor series.  It might be more true to Betrayal at Krondor in style and spirit, but it’s a completely different world that has no narrative ties to the Krondor games.  I just wish someone would remake Betrayal at Krondor with the graphical power of a game like Oblivion or make new games based on the books.