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Torin’s Passage was rereleased several years ago in a jewel case-only (i.e. no box) version. A game manual is included in the jc. As this is the one I own, I have no idea what else may have been included with the original boxed release.

Regarding buying it today, I have only ever ONCE found this game being sold in a store (new or second hand), and bought it immediately. Sadly, it isn’t anywhere near Sierra’s best work. And, even with the patch installed, the bugs will probably prevent you from ever playing all the way through it.

It’s still being sold by CDAccess. A search brings up the following entry:

Torin’s Passage – New Jewel Case from Sierra for Win95/Win98/WinXP $14.95 (138 in Stock)

I thought I had silenced them all. Curse the quick thinking of the Arch Authority, snatching the child away before his doom was sealed. Had the lad been with the rest, surely my suffering would have ceased years ago. At last I have found him but in a world of isolation and innocence. He has no idea of the twists and turns his life has taken thus far, nor the path I have planned for his very short future. Just let him try to discover the truth, and learn the secrets of Strata’s five nested worlds. Watching his struggle will be an amusement. Facing him will be horribly wonderful. *** For Windows XP do not perform any tests when installing (MY COMMENT: not just XP, avoid testing on all versions of Windows after 95) and set compatibility mode to 256 colors.