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“… (by At one point in the game you swim up to a drift net (“north” of the “octopus scene”) and you can free a lobster there. The problem is you can’t swim back down. Or up. Or any other direction, apparently once you go into that screen you cannot exit. Trying to go back down sends you down, but then immidiately sends you back up to the net (as in a cutscene) for some reason.

The walkthrough I have does not mention this place at all, and it does not appear necessary to win the game but I would say it’s needed if you want all the points.

I am pretty sure the game is up to date (patch).

I don’t suppose any one here has any idea what I am talking about? Please? 🙂
Hey there,

I assume you mean the scene where you open the old trunk and let the crab out? The one with a skeleton?

– Alistair